Account System Improvements

Just a minor update here to let everyone know about some changes we've made to the Accounts system.

Until now, the management section of your SkillsEngine account at referred to the somewhat-vague "Applications." We found that many users were confused by what it meant to have multiple "applications" registered with the SkillsEngine API and how that interacted with their account's monthly request limit.

Today, we've updated the system to hopefully mitigate some of that confusion. The "Applications" section of the management page is now called "Key Sets" to make it clearer what you're really doing here: you're simply creating multiple sets of API access keys so that you can better organize your usage of the service. Perhaps you have multiple software applications you're building, all of which use our API in different ways, and you want separate access keys for each. Or maybe you have different developers in your organization experimenting with the SkillsEngine API and you want each of them to have separate keys so that you can tell who is doing what. For each key set, you can provide a label that helps you know what is what. While the underlying implementation hasn't really changed much on our end, we're hoping this user interface change in the accounts system makes it clearer what multiple key sets are for and provides our API users with flexibility.

In addition to the newly-renamed Key Sets section, we've changed the "Service Access" section to show a clearer status for your account in regards to that particular service (e.g. the SkillsEngine API). The Service Access section will now display "Developer" if you are using a free developer account, or "Premium" if you are a paying customer. To the right of that identifier, we now show how many requests per month your account is provisioned for.

That's all for now. We hope the changes make the Accounts system more usable! Thanks for using the SkillsEngine API.