Library and Scoring Updates

SkillsEngine is always getting better, faster, stronger! Today we're rolling out our latest library update which, among other things, includes two major advances:

The first major enhancement is a comprehensive update to our data library. We do these updates periodically during the year, which helps ensure our library is always kept up-to-date with the changing world of work. As a result of these changes, you should expect to see some new Detailed Work Activities coming out in responses from the Profiler endpoints. In general, Profiler responses will now include a greater number of Detailed Work Activities and more accurate set of Intermediate Work Activities than before.

The second major enhancement is a holistic overhaul of the scoring methodology that underpins the Profiler results. This will have two downstream effects: an overall improvement in the quality of Detailed Work Activities surfaced for a result (and therefore improvements in the Intermediates and Generals surfaced as well), and a new, more easily understandable scoring range for each element in a Profiler result. The simplest explanation of the latter is that our scoring on library elements is now scaled consistently between 20.0 and 99.0 for every response from Profiler. This means that the top-most relevant work activities, for example, will always have a score of 99.0 within their particular grouping, and less-relevant activities will have scores below that, down to 20.0 at the bottom of the list (we cutoff everything below 20). We believe this scoring change more effectively communicates the meaning behind the scores, as well as allowing for simpler and more reasonable comparisons between multiple Profiler result sets.

Finally, some other minor enhancements include updates to the Tools library, improvements to Matcher results, and under-the-hood enhancements that prepare us for some future features and improvements.

As always, let us know if you have questions or comments by hitting up our support forum. And have a Happy Halloween!