Movement and Innovation

From day one, a core promise of SkillsEngine has been to ensure that our partners see movement and innovation in the ever-evolving world of workforce data, skills analysis, and data-as-a-service. Today, we're very happy to share with everyone the launch of a ton of new stuff, and a reaffirmation of that core promise.

New Websites

If you've visited in the past 24 hours, you've probably noticed a big change: our brand new public-facing website. Our team has been hard at work on this for months and the launch of the new site is a major milestone for SkillsEngine. In addition to the always-present website goals of modernizing, beautifying, and focusing, one of our biggest objectives for this new site was to present the public with a clearer, simpler means of showing off our engines' capabilities.

Curious to jump in and get a taste of what SkillsEngine can do? Give our new sandbox tool a try.

Want to test your own code/app against our API endpoints? We now have an easy-to-integrate free Developer-level account and clean, attractive API documentation, specifically designed by software developers for software developers.

Want to create a free SkillsEngine user account and start playing around with the Developer endpoints? Check out our brand-new Accounts system.

And for our existing partners and recent trial users, your accounts have been automatically migrated over to the new Accounts system. For paying, production-tier partners, we even migrated your application keys over for you to prevent any break in service for your own applications. (For trial users, we regenerated new API keys, so you'll have to change any test code you've been working with locally.)

New "V2 Infrastructure" and New API Endpoints

As part of the rollout of new stuff, we're proud to announce our new "V2 Infrastructure." Designed both with backwards-compatibility and forward-looking enhancements in mind, the new V2 infrastructure provides the same "v1" API endpoints as before -- nothing needs to be changed in your code (except your keys, if you were using an old "trial" account) -- as well as a set of similar, new "v2" endpoints. We wanted to make integrations with your apps easier, so the new v2 endpoints no longer require the arcane Accept header and instead simply include 'v2' as part of the request path. You'll still need to use OAuth tokens to keep our communications secured, but we've added a handy new, free-to-use, /oauth/test endpoint for checking if you've got things setup properly on your side.

For us, the most exciting part about the new infrastructure is what it will allow us to do moving forward. Built atop the latest technologies -- high-speed databases, containerized cloud deployments, autoscaling traffic handling, advanced machine learning and NLP systems, and more -- the V2 Infrastructure is now our core platform for rolling out a bunch of really exciting new endpoints and functionality in the months to come. Keep your eye on this space!

Curated and Enhanced Skills Library

One of our primary objectives here at SkillsEngine is to ensure we're always providing you with the most recent, most up-to-date, and best-curated library of skills and workforce-related data that we possibly can. In this vein, we're very proud to share the latest version of our Skills Library, now backing our new V2 Infrastructure. You don't have to do anything special to use this new data -- all requests of our API endpoints, whether to the backwards-compatible "v1" endpoints or the new "v2" endpoints, will return our latest library data, with improved and expanded occupations, curated competencies and skills, and improvements to the associations between all of our skill elements.

Discussion and Support Forums

Finally, we know you have questions. And we want to answer them! Everyone at SkillsEngine is very passionate about what we do, from high-level theory to in-the-weeds engineering, all centered around the ultimate goal of getting great people into great and fulfilling careers. We love to share this passion with our friends and partners, so please don't hesitate to jump on our brand-new discussion and support forum. Whether it's a deeply technical question about using our API endpoints, or a discussion you'd like to have on workforce data and skills analysis, we're excited to hear from you!

So that's all we have for you right now from the engineering floor here at SkillsEngine. But it's a lot, and represents a huge milestone for our team and our shared vision. We're so excited for you to join us in exploring the future ahead, as we all work together to make real, substantive change in the way we all talk about jobs, skills, and the workforce.

Thank you so much for supporting SkillsEngine with your time and interest!