Treating our Warriors Right

For quite a while now, we've been keenly aware of the challenges in translating skills gained on the battlefield and in military service roles to civilian jobs. We believe that with the advances in technology now available for analyzing jobs and skill sets, it is imperative upon us to provide those same innovations to our military veterans as they return home to join the civilian workforce. Today we are very proud to release the beta of our new Warrior endpoint.

Like our other Competency Analysis endpoints, Warrior provides a rich skills, competencies, and occupations profile via a simple HTTP REST request. Unlike our other endpoints, however, which analyze unstructured text, Warrior needs at minimum only a MOC code. From this, Warrior can infer occupations and skills that are most closely related to that military role and assemble the results into a familiar competencies profile.

We are very excited to see what kinds of innovations our partners can come up with by leveraging Warrior to give our veterans fast, focused information on how their hard-earned skills can translate directly to the civilian jobs market.

Happy holidays, everyone!