Is there an endpoint to query occupation titles?

Is there an endpoint to query occupation titles?

No tasks diplaying

My employer asked me to sign in to Skills Engine (create an account), so I did. There were supposed to be several occupation skills value assessments awaiting me, to critique. But my screen shows absolutely nothing assigned to me. I am with TSTC (Texas State Technical College). I was supposed to finish these tasks by tomorrow.

v2/skills/multi_match endpoint returning "Must provide 'sentences' parameter"

Hi, I've been utilizing your free API access to evaluate its potential usefulness in a reemployment project I'm currently involved with. I'm communicating with the API entirely with R and the httr package (mentioning this as it is possible that this is a me issue and not a SkillsEngine issue). I've been able to connect successfully to every single API endpoint except the v2/skills/multi_match endpoint. Every time I attempt to query this endpoint I receive the following message even though I am including the required sentences array: "Must provide a 'sentences' parameter containing an array in the request body." Have you (or any product users) encountered this issue? If it would be helpful, I can provide a reproducible code example. Thank you!

API Change?

We have been using your flat structure APIs to test our Job Seeker Portal. Recently, the API started returning just one occupation instead of multiple as it did previously. Have you made a change? We have been consistently using a bias of 0.1. Please let us know what we should be doing differently. Thanks! Lisa

/v2/competencies/analyze/flatten api

When I call the competencies/analyze/flatten endpoint, with the below json { "text":"Experience in programming languages like C#, ASP.NET and SQL and apply your expertise on our Web applications. ", "bias":0.4 } I am getting the below output { "result": { "competencies_analysis": { "metadata": { "text_size": 111, "parse_time": 0.0215, "bias": 1 }, "occupations": [], "general_work_activities": [], "intermediate_work_activities": [], "detailed_work_activities": [], "workplace_essentials": [], "knowledges": [], "skills": [], "abilities": [], "tools": [] } } } I was expecting a output with the skills filled in with C#, ASP.NET, SQL . Why is this happening. Can you give some insights on it.

Client Id and other details not received after signup

I signed up in to test the apis. But I didn't receive the clientID and another details to access the apis

Python connection to the API

Would you have an example of a Python connection to the API, both for authentication and access to the resources? Thanks.

POST request returns body but no data

I am able to get my access token and use it to make a POST request but no matter what text I send the return is always: {"result":{"competencies_analysis":{}}} I am currently using the exact code and address as the sample: POST /v2/competencies/analyze/flatten {'text':'Provide substance abuse education and counseling for at-risk individuals.','bias':0.4} I have also tried other text inputs and the non-flattened analyze URL but I cannot seem to get any data returned. Any Idea why this is happening?

Unauthorized access

I'm able to generate an access code ( oauth/token) but when I test it (oauth/test), I have the following: {"message":"Unauthorized, expired, or incorrect token request syntax"}. How can I fix it? P.S: oauth/token and oauth/test run in the same code.

REST clients to test API

Can you recommend any clients to use for testing the API?