Summer 2018 Updates

Library Updates, Scoring Improvements, and New Knowledge Subdomains

As part of our commitment to keeping the SkillsEngine data library up-to-date with the changing world of work, we’re happy to announce that we’ve released pushed significant updates to our core library into production. This update makes the following changes to our core library data:

  • Updates a large number of associations between work activities and occupational profiles
  • Reworks underlying weights on work activities within occupational profiles across the entire library
  • Overhauls the scoring algorithms for Profiler’s and Warrior’s output of Knowledges, Skills, Abilities, Knowledge Subdomains, and Workplace Essentials
  • Introduces a new library element: Knowledge Subdomains
  • Removes a handful of vague or outdated Detailed Work Activities

We’re very excited about these changes and improvements, which comprise changes to over 30% of our occupational work activities associations and nearly 100% of our underlying weights, improving the quality of occupation profiles across the board. Improvements to the scoring algorithms on KSAs and WPEs should provide both higher-relevance output, as well as a more focused distribution, especially for occupations that are highly specialized around a particular Knowledge, Ability, Workplace Essential, etc.

And we’re doubly excited about the addition of a totally new, unique-to-SkillsEngine data element: the Knowledge Subdomain! Knowledge Subdomains live underneath Knowledges in our ontology and provide a more detailed picture than the higher-level Knowledge context. For example, a Registered Nurse profile might suggest the following Knowledges:

Medicine and Dentistry
Therapy and Counseling

That same profile will now include the more detailed Knowledge Subdomains of:

General Medicine and Practice
Basic Patient Care and Support 
Data and Information Gathering
Health and Wellness
General Therapy and Counseling
Managing Files and Record Keeping
Medical Reports and Presentations

We are very eager to see what our data services customers can do with this new data element. We believe Knowledge Subdomains could be used to power some very rich experiences in downstream apps. And we know that the improvements made to the library and our core algorithms will further enhance those apps already using SkillsEngine APIs.