Expander End-of-Life

After five years of operation, we are today retiring the Expander service within our data services API.

O*NET SOC 2019 Occupations Now Available!

Our core data library has received a significant update, aligning us with the O*NET-SOC 2019 occupations. What does this mean for you?

Summer 2018 Updates

Library Updates, Scoring Improvements, and New Knowledge Subdomains

Account System Improvements

Just a minor update here to let everyone know about some changes we've made to the Accounts system.

Treating our Warriors Right

For quite a while now, we've been keenly aware of the challenges in translating skills gained on the battlefield and in military service roles to civilian jobs. We believe that with the advances in technology now available for analyzing jobs and skill sets, it is imperative upon us to provide those same innovations to our military veterans as they return home to join the civilian workforce. Today we are very proud to release the beta of our new Warrior endpoint.

Library and Scoring Updates

SkillsEngine is always getting better, faster, stronger! Today we're rolling out our latest library update which, among other things, includes two major advances:

Getting Topical

One of the common issues we encounter when talking with partners is the need to expand synonyms, synonymical topics and find highly-related topics extracted from user-created text, whether it be job postings, resumes, or curricula.

Digging Deeper Into Skills

A few months ago, in our last major announcement, we introduced our new "V2 Infrastructure," which brought with it backwards-compatible new endpoints, improved performance and data handling, and easier-to-use request structures. At the time, we also teased that we were excited about some new endpoints and enhancements to come. Well today is the first unveiling of a few of those new features!

Movement and Innovation

From day one, a core promise of SkillsEngine has been to ensure that our partners see movement and innovation in the ever-evolving world of workforce data, skills analysis, and data-as-a-service. Today, we're very happy to share with everyone the launch of a ton of new stuff, and a reaffirmation of that core promise.


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